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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a profound healing therapy.

In past lives there are often frozen or buried strong emotions: such as fear, shame, guilt, pride or rage.

Have you ever thought "I can never do enough" - "I have to do it alone" - "Why do I never seem to please others even though I am doing my best?"

This is sometimes symbolised as a bodily pain such as a headache, sexual block, skin rash or bowel problems.You may have a sense of being a victim of a witch hunt, betrayal, being unable to continue in a job or relationship.

The healing work of Past Life Therapies is to:

  • Thaw old frozen feelings and release blocked energy.
  • To release negative thoughts and assumptions.
  • To recognise their origins by bringing them back into our present consciousness
  • To replace negative thought with positive thought.
  • To release pains or blocks held in our bodies which may be caused by negativity.
  • To replay an old story to bring about a resolution past and present.
  • Enabling such things as phobias and depression to be lifted 


Mindfulness and Meditation Courses To help dispel anxiety and depression through learning to live in the present. Somebody once said something like .'.the past is a foreign country - we don't visit anymore'


Hypnotherapy using powerful imagery.

Facing Fears

PTSD Using the Rewind Technique. Removal usually within one session. Discount for Military veterans.

Phobias also removed just as quickly.